ExRank: An Exploratory Ranking Interface


Even with simple everyday tasks like online shopping or choosing a restaurant, users are easily overwhelmed with the large number of choices available today, each with a large number of inter-related attributes. We present ExRank, an interactive interface for exploring data that helps users understand the relationship between attribute values and find interesting items in the dataset. Based on a kNN graph and a PageRank algorithm, ExRank suggests which attributes the user should look at, and how expressed choices in particular attributes affect the distribution of values in other attributes for candidate objects. It solves the problem of empty result by showing similar items and when there are too many results, it ranks the data for the user. This demo consists of 1) the description of the software architecture and the user interface 2) the logic and reason behind our solution and 3) a list of demonstration scenarios for showing to the audience.

Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment